Drupal 8.6 has been introduced recently after its 8.0 version. It is highly effective than older one. The new version of Drupal has done all required improvements which were not present in 8.0. Professionals like developers, website designers, and content editors can efficiently use 8.6 to make their task easy. The aim of the latest version is to enhance the user’s experience.

There are multiple features to use in Drupal 8.6. Let’s check some of its specifications:

Can recreate the website from available configuration

Initially, it was a challenge to update something new to the site, but the installation process of Drupal has improved a lot. To handle this installation issue, a “quick start” command has been added to Drupal 8.6. It helps create a new website without setting up database or web server.

By using Drupal 8.6, you will not have to put additional effort into recreating a website. You would not have to take the risk associated with your online visibility. It will provide a new way to the organization to connect with the audience.

Creates appealing landing pages

When you are going to develop a site, it is important for you to build pages with different layouts. While using Drupal 7, developers were using the combination of Panelizer and Display suite. With the introduction of Layout Discovery module, developers can get help in creating a website with enticing landing pages. Content authors can do modifications in the layout of the website page, there is no need to have pre-defined templates.

Easy media management

Nowadays, there are several important things which distinguish your site and engage visitors. Adding audios, videos, and images can boost your site and increase your popularity among users. This new Drupal 8.6 version has included concepts like reusable media, media fields, and media types. You can modify, publish or manage your content by putting additional effort.

Things you can do

  • Insert YouTube videos just by using URL
  • Facility to save and use the media repeatedly from your Media Library
  • Can add media of different types to your existing website
  • Content editors can easily manage meta information

Easy Migration

Drupal migration got easy after the introduction of its 8.6 version. According to experts, it was easy to migrate your site to different versions of Drupal because of the stability in migration modules. Drupal 8.6 handles both Migrate Drupal UI and Migrate Drupal. If you are using a monolingual version of Drupal which can be either 6 or 7, it can be easily converted to the latest version by the help of built-in user-interface. Organizations who had the confusion related to conversion, they may use this updated version.

Facility to use Workspaces module

Initially in Drupal 8.5 version, “Content moderation” feature was introduced. It helped a website owner to draft, review and taking approval for the content from different types of users. After Workspaces has been launched, things got changed completely. Workspaces arrange the whole content before it is going to publish, it has become an advantage to all those who want to do several changes in their site.

Most of the companies have started using Workspaces but there are still some of them who need to apply it. It doesn’t matter if you are managing the single or multiple contents, you can easily manage your workflow.

Umami demonstration

A lot of functions have been added to Drupal to make it more advanced. It is always required to add something new to your website to engage visitors. Umami demo environment is the latest feature embedded in the 8.6 version of Drupal. It not only helps the users to get familiar with the site but also assist service provider to demonstrate.


Different features of Drupal 8.6 has been listed above. It is the most updated version of Drupal and will help a website owner to engage more visitors. If you are not using this updated version, start using it to increase the efficiency of your site.