drupal 8

Bigger, better and brighter, this is how best you can describe Drupal 8 in just one word. This latest version of Drupal has raised the standards of digital experience for wide variety of businesses. After the announcement of Drupal 8, there was a lot of buzz heard about the capabilities of this CMS. The earlier versions of Drupal provided flexible content, image and an improved database. But now, Drupal 8 has taken the center stage with a lot of new features and improvements. This latest version of Drupal makes use of Symfony 2. It is developed with the phenomenal efforts of 3290 contributors and 1228 companies.

Drupal Migration: Reasons To Upgrade To Drupal 8

Given below are 10 reasons why you must upgrade to Drupal 8. Let’s hop in:

Enhanced Security

Drupal 8 has made a great effort to keep security at its peak. PHP module emerged as a contributed module rather than a core one. This module has now been removed from the Drupal core. The activation of this module leads to security and performance issues as it allowed users to execute PHP code on their website. There are many of Drupal websites that are currently hosted on shared servers. This makes them unsafer to attacks by other websites residing on the same server. It is now a contributed module.

PHPTemplate is now replaced with Twig. The use of Twig in Drupal 8 purifies most of the data used in template files and further separates the content presentation with business logic.

Mobile first

Drupal 8 completely focuses on mobile compliance. This helps development team to focus more on the business logic rather than device compatibility. This is one phase that leads to delayed turnaround time for the development before the launch of Drupal 8. Drupal was looking forward to making this right. Now, with the help of mobile-first approach, development can be catered speedily. The placement of mobile-friendly toolbar also made task easier. Drupal 8 orients dynamically to accommodate the 2 basic orientations namely, portrait and landscape.

Multilingual approach

Drupal 8 auto detects the language from browser settings and auto-selects it during the process of installation. Drupal 8 installs the advanced interface translations from its official website, thereby allowing you to perform an entire website installation in your native language. This was a difficult process in Drupal 7

The feature simplifies the task of translation by catering to translation of nodes, taxonomy terms and translatable comments.

Strong coding

The code of Drupal 8 is specifically designed to ensure safety/security for the years to come. Drupal 8 acts as a highly effective development tool. Customized web development in Drupal 8 augments the code base of previous versions. Drupal 8 upgrade ensures that each module is compatible and continues to work throughout the upgrade and in the future.

Enhanced page caching

Drupal 8 now features page caching that is enabled by default for anonymous users. It brings to you cache tags for operating Drupal website in one of the fastest ways. This system is instantly updated when something is changed.

Customization feature

Drupal 8 is getting famous owing to a large number of features and customization is one of them. It allows users to create content, use multilingual features and many other features that help in customizing a website. The CMS is highly scalable with features like RESTFUL API and so on. It helps in keeping the website growing better with each day. This makes it easy to be used by both large and small scale businesses.

Flexible and user friendly

Drupal is intuitive, easier to use and a robust CMS. It is quite easy to install. The use of “Views” and “Blocks” helps in creation of user friendly website. Most of the modules of Drupal are free and also offer rich quality. They also bring in real time development and maintenance status.

Support and community

Drupal has a vast ecosystem of support and community with almost 3000 active developers that contribute to coding and testing to create Drupal 8 websites. There are almost 6,50,000 active Drupal members that are steadily growing ahead with each passing day. With the release of its major version, the support in Drupal increased gradually.

Well-defined configurations

Drupal 8 comes with “Export Configuration” that exports the entire website configuration or a single configuration file. It uses a unified approach to configuration where the format of configuration file is in YAML. This eliminates the hassle of using modules like features to deploy a configuration from one environment to the other.


Drupal is known for its outstanding features. These features continue to grow with the revamped version as well. Drupal allows you to have a website that is modern, unique, easy to manage and comfortable. The above-given are some of the advanced versions of Drupal 8.


Drupal excels when it comes to the creation of an advanced and complex website. The latest version, i.e. Drupal 8 has some outstanding features that make it a prominent choice in the market. Owing to its highly modular architecture, Drupal covers all the areas of functionality that also makes it a great platform for fitting in to the exact needs of a business.