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In order to target a wide network of audiences, the world’s top media networks operate different websites. They are well aware of the thought that running multiple websites is the only way to accommodate the preferences of varied market segments. They operate via a business model that takes loads of efforts. The content requires being distributed in multiple languages and fit in different cultures. This, in turn, calls for the right CMS to be able to pull this off while still allowing it to be user-friendly.

Owing to the enormous amount of data they feature, media websites require a robust CMS to match up to its expectation. In this context, Drupal appears to be a leading CMS as it is trusted by 70-75% of the top news and media networks. Right from The Economist to CBS, Viacom, Al Jazeer, to Twenty-first century and Walt Disney, each one is using Drupal.

Well, what drives media businesses to create a better experience using Drupal web development? How does custom Drupal development affect media industry? Are there any key advantage? This can only be figured out after going through this blog which highlights the importance of Drupal CMS in media industry.

Let’s take a closer look


Personalization is a key factor when it comes to engaging audiences. Users look forward to a content that appeals the interests and challenges and allows them to explore new information. News agencies focus on delivering content that not only appeals users but also has a direct impact on their lives.

Drupal enables personalization with the help of robust tools that are developed by its large community of developers. Drupal makes it quite easier to connect and engage readers by offering content that aligns their interests. Similarly, localizing content also becomes easier via the platform as Drupal allows the content to be relevant to events that occur within the surroundings.

Multiple website management

Drupal makes it quite painless to manage multiple websites. It makes this quite easier to operate multiple websites grounded in the same code base. It eliminates the need to create website from the scratch every time you wish to expand the base of captive niche. It also allows to applying the same level of aesthetic and quality to varied digital holdings.

With a multi-site management solution, Drupal makes the job of expanding a new empire quite simplified.

Drupal 8 is completely secure

Security is an important concern for any organization. News firms are no exception to it. Nobody wishes to lose credibility owing to a cyber attack. One of the most important reasons the media industry prefers Drupal is the availability of security. A dedicated team of security specialists does an excellent job by guaranteeing users with top-notch security.

Responsive Design

With the entire consumer world going mobile, every piece of content like news, shopping and social media is accessed via the mobile. This also makes clear the importance of having a responsive website for news industry. Media industry requires responsive websites to enable better engagement and reduce bounce rates. With the help of Drupal 8, you can easily get a responsive website for your news business.

Social media interaction

One of the high demand of news industry is to engage with consumers in a personalized way. One of the best advantages of using Drupal is the modulation that offers a quick path to customization. The customization is offered based on the likes and dislikes of users to interact, share and consume.

Multichannel publishing

One of the interesting features of Drupal 8 that makes it eligible for media websites is that it supports multichannel publishing via a centralized dashboard. This dashboard lets publish, edit, unpublish, or archive the content on various websites and mobile apps. In order to offer a personalized media experience, this centralized dashboard uses the information based on analytics.

Closing Thoughts!

Media industry is expected to grow exceedingly in the next couple of years. The only reason for this growing rise is the adoption of technology and reduction of paper stocks. This digital approach is being adopted by several news businesses. Consumers look for customization and this is only possible via the adoption of CMS which promotes personalization, interactivity and customization, i.e Drupal.

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