eCommerce Trends To Look Out For The Year 2018

With the increasing number of online shoppers each year and the continuously rising sales, it has become important for eCommerce businesses to rely on technology that keeps up with today’s trends. As we know that the competition is tough and there are many stumbling challenges around, here are few growing eCommerce trends to consider for the current year. Let’s take a deep dive:

Personalization will gain prominence

The use of advanced analytics technologies like Machine learning and Big Data is seen to be adopted by eCommerce businesses. Use of these technologies will help online retailers know their customers better. With these technologies, it will become easier to identify the stages at which a customer failed in the process of purchase. The reasons behind failed transactions will also be able to identified easily.

Online retailers will easily be able to take data-driven decisions. Big data will help businesses optimize the outcome of customer and product profitability along with strategies for client acquisition, retention and satisfaction. These tools will help eCommerce businesses improve operational efficiency, generate revenues and also gain a competitive edge over rivals.

Mobile Commerce will grow

In 2018, mobile shopping will become important as far as online shopping is concerned. It is expected that mobile will reach 70% of eCommerce traffic and people will purchase more with the help of mobile devices. As per the research by Goldman Sachs forecast, revenue for mobile commerce will be equivalent to the total eCommerce revenue for 2013.

With the advancements in mobile payment technology, companies like Samsung, Apple and Google make mobile checkout the only method of payment for customers. It is very clear from the statistics that people who purchase via mobile phone tend to spend twice in comparison to people who do not shop via mobile.

Voice search

These days, people have started using voice assistance to search for products online. Till date, 40% of them have already started using voice assistant before making a purchase. It is expected that the number will surpass 50% by 2020. Voice search is a trendy topic, especially for search engines and advertisers. This in turn compels businesses to optimize their listings for voice search.

With voice search functionality being implemented on your website, you will be able to deliver blaze quick responses. It is also estimated that this voice assistant feature will maximize the options to shop online by 50%

Messenger and Chatbots

2018 is going to be a great year for chatbots. Bots are operated via messenger apps and this year they are definitely going to play a big role. eCommerce businesses can utilize the power of bots to send personalized content, special discounts and recommended products.

This technology is expected to have a great impact on user engagement.

Enhanced fulfillment options

Convenience is the only reason customers shop from online stores. Whether it is about the right choice of product or choosing pick-up and delivery points to have their goods delivered. This year, the fulfillment sector in eCommerce world is going to be even more competitive. Companies that wish to conquer will have better, quick and efficient options.

The pick-up and delivery network is going to expand with an increased automatization seen in warehouses. Delivery robots will be used to meet customer expectations for quick delivery.

Wrapping it Up!

It is expected that brands will be requiring more attention and creativity to break the monotony and be observed by their customers. By adopting these trends and technology, eCommerce businesses will grow by leaps and bounds. Adopting these eCommerce trends will help them in exceeding their targets.