A new update by Google i.e. Google Mobilegeddon has been released on 21 April 2015 for boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly websites on mobile search results.


oogle keeps on updating its algorithms regularly for providing optimal search results to the online searchers, but big changes occur rarely. Recently, this search engine giant has launched a new update for mobile-friendly websites named as Google Mobilegeddon. The main functionality of this algorithm or update is to empower the “mobile-friendliness” i.e. searches or ranking of the websites on mobile devices. Before the launch of this algorithmic update, Google was focused on enhancing ranking on computing devices (desktop & laptop). But, after the advent of smart devices, this update has rocked the mobile searches. The websites that lack responsive or mobile-friendly characteristic will suffer a lot from Mobilegeddon update and will get penalized by Google.

How important responsive websites are in today’s scenario?

responsive websites

Having a mobile-friendly website has become essential for all sorts of the enterprises (small, medium and large), who are engaged in the online business. It is because more than 60% of the online searchers use their smartphones for accessing the Internet or the web pages and this rate continues to grow at a great extent. Mobile-compatible websites are preferred more by the searchers in today’s increasing usage of the mobile devices. These websites are developed with some special functionality and resize to fit any screen size they are viewed on by the users.

Mobile-friendly websites like Bishop Lifting Equipment UK, HTMLPanda, Webgranth help drive more traffic and revenues because they are accessed by a wide range of the users worldwide. They load within the standard time duration of 2 seconds and gives a unique viewing experience to the online visitors. Responsive websites act as the symbol of modern technology and are becoming highly important for every business to enhance the brand credibility.

Statistics provided by the expert researchers on mobile-friendly websites

Before one week of Google Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm update, a research was conducted by digital marketing agency MERKLE | RKG on mobile-friendly websites.


The results found from this research have been illustrated below:-

  • Out of Fortune 500 websites, 46% of them do not respond on the mobile devices
  • In the list of IR (Internet Retailer) 500 websites, only 71% are mobile-friendly and 29% are still incompatible with the mobile devices.

The above-listed statistics reflect that a wide range of the websites worldwide will get affected from this Mobilegeddon update of Google because millions of the web pages are not still mobile-friendly.

Tool that check whether your website is mobile-compatible or not

To check whether your website is responsive or not, perform a Mobile-Friendly Test with the help of Webmaster tool developed by Google. Enter the URL of your website in the tool and it will analyze as well as prepare report accordingly.

Click on this URL to open Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Mobile Friendly Test

Google Mobilegeddon update will change the results and ranking of the website when users search from their smartphones. This algorithm favors mobile-friendly websites with easy-to-click links and large text that fits to the screen of any size. Mobile-friendly websites will get huge benefits in all the aspects from this mobile-friendly algorithm update.

Google change in search brings ‘Mobilegeddon’

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